Erick Jimenez

Erick Jimenez,

Some people just have that good juju when it comes gadgets. In our shop, that would be Erick. He’s the gadget whisperer. He’s also our E2 extraordinaire. And though he is fairly new to the post-production realm, he is no stranger to the digital world; in fact he loves that stuff. Yeah, he’s that guy on line waiting to be one of the very first with a new I-toy. (Don’t judge.) He is also an unabashed devotee of the Washington Redskins. And (fair warning) if you get a game of trivia going, you want him on your team. If it happened in the 80’s it’s logged somewhere in that brain of his – which happens to be under a really great head of hair. People like Erick. They like his infectious positive vibe, his resiliency under production pressure and (of course) they like his hair. Erick revels in films and music and a nice bag of sour patch gummy bears with a red bull chaser.